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Gillingham Mere Shaftesbury Lions

Gillingham Mere Shaftesbury Lions

South West

Gillingham, Mere, Shaftesbury Lions was chartered in 1979. We are a volunteer group who like to raise donations for worthwhile causes.

Wherever you live, work or travel across the British Isles and Ireland, you are likely to come across members of Lions clubs and the many projects we support! Lions are ordinary people who do extraordinary things to help others and support good causes. We have 17,000 active members belonging to 900 local clubs throughout the British Isles and Ireland. Globally we have more volunteers in more places than any other service club organisation, and love to help others and make things happen. In 2017, Lions Clubs International celebrates it centenary. Gillingham, Mere, Shaftesbury Lions was chartered in 1979. We might be a small club, but we support a wide range of good causes and projects in our area. Age isn’t a barrier to becoming involved. Presently the age span of our membership is from 22-80. Everyday Lions are having fun by organising remarkable and memorable fundraising activities – with every penny raised going direct to good causes. There is also a social side to our club. Nights out, quizzes, meals, many social events.
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Gillingham Mere Shaftesbury Lions

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