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Good Morning Service

Good Morning Service


Established in 2000, Good Morning Service is a free telephone befriending and a safety-net alert service. #connected, safer and valued

Free Good Morning Calls bringing friendship and a safety-net alert service so that older people are, and feel, connected, safer and valued. For those aged 55+years. Connected: Every morning, we telephone out to members at a pre-arranged time to check that all is well and for a good blether. We grow relationships and over time hope to become a good friend on the phone: someone to share stories with, or simply just be there to listen and give emotional support in difficult times. Safer: If our Good Morning Call goes unanswered and we can’t locate someone, we will alert their nominated contact persons or the local police to a potential problem. We also work in partnership with Police Scotland and Trading Standards to help reduce the risk of our members becoming victims of scams. Social Outings: Each month we visit somewhere interesting eg, Glasgow Science Centre, Riverside Museum, Panopticon to enjoy a cuppa and good blether. Info Source: During our Good Morning Call and in our monthly newsletter we promote useful community and national services as well as key NHS messages and age-relevant information. We’re open 365 days a year. Connected + Safer + Valued = Confident to live as independently as possible.

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Good Morning Service

GMSC001 Good Morning Calls: Friendship + Safety-net Alert Service

Good Morning Calls: Friendship + Safety-net Alert Service

The Good Morning Service combats loneliness and isolation with a free 365-day telephone befriending + safety-net alert service. #Connected #Safer #... Read more