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Grace London

Grace London


Our story

We began very small, with nine adults and a few babies in 2014. Since then we’ve grown as more and more people have joined us in forming a new community in our great city. The first services were held above a pub in Waterloo, and before long we outgrew the space and moved to a small theatre in a railway arch. More recently we have been meeting in a beautiful space in Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, Waterloo. We have both morning and evening services. Over the course of our (relatively short) history, it has been thrilling to make new friends, see people’s lives changed in very concrete ways, and to baptise people who have made a decision to follow Jesus. In many ways, the church still feels young, but we have big ambitions to make an impact in London and further afield. Our hope looking forward is to start many new churches, and to continue the slow and deliberate work of helping each person who comes through our doors discover more about Jesus and his amazing life, and find themselves amidst a family in the heart of the metropolis.
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Grace London

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