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Growing Support CIC

Growing Support CIC

South West

Growing Support is an award winning social enterprise transforming the quality of care for people with dementia.

It is widely recognised that regular contact with plants, animals and the natural environment can improve our physical health and mental wellbeing. However with ever tighter budgets and increasing pressure on resources many care providers struggle to enable residents to be as active in the garden as they would like. Studies show that older people living in care spend more than 60% of their time doing nothing. We deliver weekly therapeutic gardening clubs for older people living in care. Sessions provide sensory stimulation, exercise vital muscle groups and increase social interaction. Trained local volunteers take an enabling role, ensuring the gardeners are involved in decision making, are able to make a meaningful contribution to the activity, feel a sense of achievement and have fun! Founded in 2013 we have helped establish 25 gardening clubs, our volunteers have delivered more than 1,000 of activity in care. .
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Growing Support CIC

MPVM001 Growing Support Gardening Clubs

Growing Support Gardening Clubs

Enabling twice as many people with dementia to enjoy the garden... Read more