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Gunnersbrury Estate (2026) CIC

Gunnersbrury Estate (2026) CIC


We manage and maintain Gunnersbury Park & Museum, aiming to create a leading heritage and leisure venue that serves all our diverse communities

We deliver a museum service and manages the 72 hectare Grade II* listed park as a cultural and recreational asset. We manage and care for the museum collections and the 22 listed buildings, as well as promoting engagement with the diverse heritage of the local area.

In the last year we had:

• 1.2 million park visits • 34,500 museum visitors • 3,952 volunteer hours • 55,000 objects displayed • 10,349 people attending Public Programme events • 12,885 people accessing Formal Learning

Recent community projects include:

• Curating a calendar of arts-based public events delivered with community partners. • Hosting events such a installation-based life drawing; Diwali showcase of Tamil dancing and Arts Award Explore for children. • Creating artwork with partners for display in the museum and park. e.g. a community wall-hanging by Ealing Deaf Women’s Group with artist Ekta Kaul.

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Gunnersbrury Estate (2026) CIC

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