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Hampshire Cultural Trust

Hampshire Cultural Trust

South East

We operate and fund a network of Museums, Arts Venues and Community Programmes across Hampshire, to inspire culture and change lives.

As an independent charity we work collaboratively to bring organisations, people and ideas together for greater impact. We run over 20 museums venues across the region, caring for and bringing to life over 2.5 million objects from Archaeology to Art, whilst our 3 Flagship Gallery spaces host exhibitions from national and international artists and institutions. Our “Better Life Chances” programmes affect people of all ages, from Young People through the Hampshire Dance Academy, through to older people via our reminiscence outreach. We also have three Arts Centres providing quality performance spaces and venues for community classes. Over all of our programmes we positively affect the lives of 1 million people a year, inspiring culture and changing lives.

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Hampshire Cultural Trust

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Winchester City Museum, The Roger Brown Model

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HCTF001 Hampshire Cultural Trust Donations

Hampshire Cultural Trust Donations

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