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Headcase Cancer Trust

Headcase Cancer Trust


The only Charity in the UK that solely funds research to find a cure for GBM brain tumours

Headcase is where Fundraising meets ground-breaking Research, Toby and some leaves. Headcase is about our Vision… and making sure it happens. It’s about making us all… Be More Headcase! Headcase is a young and vibrant Charity with a slightly irreverent approach to a very serious subject matter, and definitely a maverick approach to fundraising. Headcase raises money solely for research to find a cure for this incurable, and frankly, absolute git of a condition called GBM.
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Headcase Cancer Trust

HEADCASE Raising £1 Million because Toby Must Die!

Raising £1 Million because Toby Must Die!

Welcome to our Campaign to raise £1 Million so we Don’t Save Toby! Sorry to all the Toby's out there, but Toby the Brain Tumour definitely has to d... Read more