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Highbury Opera Theatre

Highbury Opera Theatre


Highbury Opera Theatre (HOT) is a community-based group committed to bringing exceptional musical productions to the people of Islington and beyond.

HOT was created in 2011 by a group of committed musicians, dramatists, artists and educators, to bring exciting performances of contemporary music, staged with the help of a mixture of professional artists and the talents of the community, to inspire and entertain local audiences. It is led by acclaimed conductor and education specialist Scott Stroman; voluntarily run by local musicians, dramatists, educators and other enthusiasts; and is working in partnership with Islington’s Union Chapel, Eclectic Voices, performers and musicians from local schools and the Highbury community. Our casts feature professionals, post-graduate students, adult amateurs, and local schoolchildren. We are proud to be a local opera company run by and for the local community around us.

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Highbury Opera Theatre

URTC001 Fever Pitch The Opera

Fever Pitch The Opera

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