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Hillhead Pets Corner

Hillhead Pets Corner


Hillhead Supporting Local Communities

Our aim is to - Educate children on how to respect the outdoors, also to help children and vulnerable adults through spending time with outdoor activities for their mental health and wellbeing. We have areas where visitors can see and read information about the growth of each area, also we have an indoor educational centre (Log Cabin) where we have classes such as craft making, parenting groups, relaxation group, childminders groups and a few more. We also hold educational workshops for children and adults to learn about animals, the outdoors and the environment. We are very eco-friendly with recycling all our waste, we use compost bins and reuse the compost in our gardens to help our plants. We reuse old car tyres for funky seats and planting, logs and fallen trees for walkways with bark from the gardens. Hillhead donate funds to young people, families, organisations, projects to help others in their every day lives. We may fund beds, carpets, cooker etc for a family home, clothes for an individual or a community project. All our funds raised go to help others in need.
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Hillhead Pets Corner

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