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Howley Grange Primary School PTA

Howley Grange Primary School PTA

West Midlands

Howley Grange Primary School PTA, aim to create a safe, supportive environment where children experience engaging, exciting learning opportunities.

Howley Grange PTA is a fundraising team run by parents of children in the school. We arrange events and fundraising initiatives like grant funding to raise vital funds for school. This helps to develop relationships between parents, school and the community and enables us to raise funds to pay for the added extras which enhance all children's learning experience at Howley. In recent years we have held summer fetes, winter fair, quizzes, raffles, Fashion Shows and much more. The money we raise enables us to continue to financially support the Forest School outdoor learning provision that benefits all children and continue to resource the Accelerated Reading Programme, to name but a couple of recent initiatives. Thank you for helping us 'Achieve, Believe and Care' for the children of Howley.
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Howley Grange Primary School PTA

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