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West Midlands

WORLDWIDE REFUGEE RELIEF We aim to operate to change the life of refugees all over the world.

International Aid Charity UK was setup to address both the short term and the long term needs of the Ummah (both Muslim and Non-Muslim). The goal is to work abroad that caters to immediate emergency needs but then focus on creating solutions to help beneficiaries become self-sufficient and tackle the long term needs of housing, education (both Islamic and worldly sciences) and employment creation. Furthermore, the unique selling point of the charity is that we are looking beyond just the outward needs and aim to prioritise the inner spiritual needs of the people of this world. The spiritual poverty deficit is increasing year on year and creating a whole host of problems which we feel can only be addressed by Islam and following the teachings of our Beloved teacher of teachers, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. We look forward to a new era and relationship between donor and charity, working together to address the comprehensive needs of the Ummah.
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