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Kempshott Schools Association

Kempshott Schools Association


The Kempshott Schools Association (KSA) provides much needed additional funds for Kempshott Infant and Junior Schools

We are a group of parents who strive to raise money for Kempshott Infant and Junior Schools by holding various events throughout the year. We are a friendly bunch with a whole variety of skillsets, some of us work, some have younger children, some are organisational superstars, some love a bit of craft, some can’t bake for toffee, but the thing we have in common is that we want to help raise extra funds for the schools while making sure our events are great fun for the children and everyone else involved!! Each year the schools let us know what they would like funds for. A year ago we paid for the Infant School to refurbish their library and over the past few years we have provided the outdoor classroom and the outdoor musical instruments and artificial grassed area. In addition, we provide fun items for the children at various events … crackers for the school Christmas meal, ice lollies for every child on sports day and leaving gifts for Years 2 and 6.
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Kempshott Schools Association

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