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Kidneys for Life

Kidneys for Life

North West

Kidneys for Life supports renal patients throughout the North West by undertaking vital research into kidney disease, transplantation and dialysis

If you knew the half of it ! The needles. The nausea. The headaches. The cramps. The body shocking dialysis. The cycles of sickness. The stress. The insomnia. The insecurity. The swelling. The fear. The thirst. The broken dreams. The boredom. The life sentence that is chronic kidney disease You’d be shocked! Together we can do something about it. Together we can fund vital research into kidney disease. Help Make it Happen for Kidneys for Life to raise funds for vital research into kidney disease. Kidneys for Life are based in Manchester supporting renal patients at Manchester Royal Infirmary, Salford Royal Hospital and Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and their satellite dialysis units.
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Kidneys for Life

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