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Lichfield Cathedral

Lichfield Cathedral

West Midlands

Lichfield Cathedral is a focal point for the community and for worship, and welcomes over 120,000 visitors each year.

Lichfield Cathedral is the only medieval three-spired Cathedral in the UK, and is a treasured landmark in the heart of England. It is one of the oldest places of Christian worship, and the burial place of the great Anglo-Saxon missionary Bishop, St Chad. We are committed to the daily offering of worship and prayer to God, and offer spiritual nourishment and welcome all who come on their own journey of search and discovery. In addition to daily services, the Cathedral also acts as a stunning venue for a range of events including concerts and performances, debates, educational forums and more.

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Lichfield Cathedral

SHRINE Shrine of St Chad

Shrine of St Chad

Help us to recreate the shrine of St Chad, our founding bishop and co-patron saint, whose original shrine here was a focus of Christian hope, healing ... Read more

SPIRES Lichfield Cathedral General Appeal

Lichfield Cathedral General Appeal

Lichfield Cathedral is a focal point for the community and for worship - there are so many ways in which your donation can help.... Read more