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Local families with bleeding disorders

Local families with bleeding disorders

South East

LFWBD a group of families based in London and South East offering support and understanding about what it is like to live with a bleeding disorder.

We believe that sometimes, parents, carers, siblings or children living with a bleeding disorder just want to connect with others experiencing the same challenges that their condition brings. We enable this connection by holding a combination of both social and educational events throughout the year that bring families together. Whether it be a fun day at the zoo or bowling alley, a trip to the park for a picnic or, a well-being session for parents or webinar sharing hints and tips when your child starts school, we are there to support our members in finding a way through the challenges ahead. Our goal is to offer "support for families, by families" - enabling those who know what living with a bleeding disorder is like, to support others in the same situation.

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Local families with bleeding disorders

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