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Lymphoma Action

Lymphoma Action

South East

Lymphoma Action is the UK’s only charity dedicated to lymphoma, the most common cancer in 15-24 year olds ‘and the UK’s fifth most common cancer.

We’ve been providing in-depth, expert information and wide-ranging support for over 30 years, helping thousands of people affected by lymphoma. Our work drives improvements in the diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare of lymphoma. We inform people with trusted information, endorsed by medical experts, to help and empower them to fully understand the complexities of lymphoma. We support people affected by lymphoma at every step, providing advice and reassurance tailored to their individual experience. From symptom awareness through diagnosis, treatment and beyond, we’re here to help. We also support doctors and nurses to deliver the best possible treatment and care. We connect people to leading lymphoma expertise, and to those going through a similar experience, to make sure they are not alone.
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Lymphoma Action

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Great Gatsby Donations

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LIVELIFE Live your Life workshops

Live your Life workshops

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SHIELD Shielding


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COOK 5 Ingredient Challenge

5 Ingredient Challenge

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APPEAL Lymphoma Action Emergency Appeal

Lymphoma Action Emergency Appeal

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