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Maindee Unlimited

Maindee Unlimited


Maindee Unlimited was set up as a charity in 2014, to transform Maindee into a sustainable community with a strong local identity

In 2014 Maindee Unlimited took over the ownership of Maindee Library when it was closed by Newport City Council and is now known as Llyfrgell Maindee Library+. The Library has successfully been volunteer run for 4 and a half years, earning a reputation as an attractive, safe, culturally vibrant, and cohesive place to live, work and relax. We are currently drawing up plans for the redevelopment of the Maindee Triangle to transform the space into a community space. and are working with local groups on transforming the local environment We are also working in partnership with local primary schools to address the need for primary school children’s access to web-based learning in East Newport. See our campaign DonateIT or Rhodd Tech.
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Maindee Unlimited

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