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Maney Hill School Association

Maney Hill School Association


The PTA’s aim is to advance the education of pupils by developing relationships and engaging in activities and providing facilities or equipment.

Maney Hill School Association (the "PTA") is a wholly voluntary organisation, from the members to the committee every person involved with the PTA gives their time and commitment for free. The PTA has raised significant funds for the school and the pupils at the school and has funded new play equipment, IT equipment, trips, library books and much more. We also put on a number of large events throughout the year including Bonfire Night, Christmas Fayre, Summer Fayre as well as other fundraising activities such as quizzes, cake sales, raffles, non uniform days. These activities not only raise funds but also raise the profile of the PTA within the school and help to establish good relationships between the parents of the children at the school.
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Maney Hill School Association

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