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Michael Charles Adams MBE Memorial Trust (MCA Trust)

Michael Charles Adams MBE Memorial Trust (MCA Trust)

South East

The MCA Trust supports cancer patients under the age of 22 across East London and Essex.

The scope of our work is varied. We provide financial and emotional support inside and outside of hospital environments. Working in partnership with local NHS Trusts, we identify and fund projects that will make a real difference to children who are battling cancer. Completed projects include purchasing sophisticated medical equipment and refurbishing dedicated children’s oncology areas to create a better experience for all users. Respite between treatments is a fundamental aspect of every child’s recovery. We also recognise that the cancer journey is hard on the whole family, so one of the ways we provide support comes from arranging experiences and holidays to sought-after locations that many children might wish for.

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Michael Charles Adams MBE Memorial Trust (MCA Trust)

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