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Modern Muse

Modern Muse


The Modern Muse charity is an online platform that connects girls with female role models and companies.

Modern Muse provides career inspiration by showcasing over a thousand female role models (Muses) and the companies they work for. The Muses are from a variety of backgrounds and there has been a big focus on engaging Muses with STEM-related careers. The Muses’ stories and work-related posts inform girls about the working world, the variety of career options available to them, and where their subject choices may lead. Girls can follow Muses and are alerted when a Muse posts - the girls’ activity on the platform is anonymous, we don’t reveal their identities. In addition to inspiration, girls can also ask questions to get practical advice from Muses and companies, and access career opportunities that the companies offer Modern Muse is a free, online resource for girls, teachers and parents and it was created following consultation with girls. We continue to keep them at the heart of everything we do.

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Modern Muse

WLYU001 everygirl: informed, inspired, connected, empowered

everygirl: informed, inspired, connected, empowered

Modern Muse's goal is to reach 1 Million girls by 2020 and empower them to make more informed career decisions.... Read more