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MS Therapy Centre Beds and Northants

MS Therapy Centre Beds and Northants


MS Therapy Centre provides professional specialist therapies and support for people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

The MS Therapy Centre, located in Bedford, is a charity set up in 1983 that provides therapies, services and support needed to enable people living with Multiple Sclerosis to self-manage their condition. We receive no Government or other form of statutory funding, so it’s only through people like you that we are able to provide vital therapies and support to people with MS. Our therapies include: neuro physiotherapy, orthotics, hydrotherapy & APS pain relief. Our MS Specialist Nurses can help you in a number of areas from understanding the initial diagnosis to liaising with your GP and neurology team; both our MS Nurses are national award winners. We offer a number of complementary therapies such as reflexology, shiatsu, pilates, yoga, Bowen and oxygen therapy. We also have a specialist gym with a trained supervisor and helper in attendance at all times who can help you devise your own exercise plan. Our Dietician is here to help when you would like to know more about ways in which diet might help MS. Counselling, too, can offer an opportunity for people to talk freely about how they feel and what their MS means to them, and maybe understand why they react in a particular way, in order to find better coping mechanisms. The Centre is all about self-help. Our services can keep you going so please support us in any way you can!

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MS Therapy Centre Beds and Northants

MSCN01 Raising funds to provide therapies for people living with MS.

Raising funds to provide therapies for people living with MS.

Without he MS Therapy Centre, many people living with MS would be left without therapies that can help to improve their lives... Read more