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Museums Sheffield

Museums Sheffield

Weston Park Museum is managed by Museums Sheffield. We are a registered charity who looks after Millennium Gallery, Graves Gallery and Weston Park Museum.

We rely on grants and donations, big and small, to make sure that the museum opens every day and is a safe and welcoming environment where people from all walks of life can discover, learn and enjoy. Our vision if to create inspirational museums and galleries where people can reflect upon the past, question the present and imagine the future, and our mission is to connect with our visitors, share stories about Sheffield and the wider world, and care for the city’s collections

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Museums Sheffield

MUSEUM10 Fundraising Dinner

Fundraising Dinner

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SHEF003 Musuems Sheffield General

Musuems Sheffield General

Each year we need to raise £500,000 in addition to the funding we receive to keep our museums and galleries open and free for everyone to enjoy. We c... Read more

SHEF002 I Love My Museum: A New Learning Programme for Weston Park

I Love My Museum: A New Learning Programme for Weston Park

Weston Park Museum is at the heart of our learning programme. Over 8,500 school children from across the region come to the museum every year to learn... Read more

SHEF001 I Love My Museum

I Love My Museum

Help us raise £1 million for Weston Park.... Read more