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National Honey Show Limited

National Honey Show Limited

South East

The National Honey Show is the Premier International Honey Show attracting exhibits from all over the world.

To showcase the work of the honey bee: Honey - Beeswax - Mead - Baking - Crafts - Photography. Classes attract exhibits from around the world and includes classes for juniors and schools. Education: All levels of beekeepers from juniors to seniors, beginners to experts can gain knowledge and acquire skills through an extensive lecture and workshop programme, which supports the on-going sustainability of honey bees as pollinators.

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National Honey Show Limited

HONEYBEE National Honey Show online conference, 22nd - 24th October 2020

National Honey Show online conference, 22nd - 24th October 2020

We hope you can support our National Honey Show 2020 conference. This event is expensive to stage and our current sponsorship covers only a fraction o... Read more