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National Trust for Scotland

National Trust for Scotland


Protecting our heritage to enjoy it forever

We’re the largest member organisation in Scotland. As a conservation charity, we’re supported by more than 365,000 members and are funded largely by donations. Since 1931 our love for Scotland has fuelled our desire to protect the things that make it special. By championing Scotland’s natural, built and cultural heritage we inspire those around us. From coastlines to castles, art to architecture, wildlife to wilderness, we encourage people to connect with the things that make Scotland unique while protecting them for future generations. We do it so our heritage will always have a home. We do it so our countryside will remain unspoilt, and accessible. We do what we do … for the love of Scotland.
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National Trust for Scotland

NTSSOS Emergency Appeal

Emergency Appeal

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PUFFIN National Trust for Scotland Staffa NNR

National Trust for Scotland Staffa NNR

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PATH The National Trust for Scotland Footpath Fund

The National Trust for Scotland Footpath Fund

Without clear pathways, the Scottish landscapes we know and love become unintentionally damaged by walkers. Help us protect the places you love by don... Read more