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Natural England

Natural England


Natural England is here to secure a healthy natural environment for people to enjoy, where wildlife is protected and landscapes are conserved.

Natural England protects and conserves some of the country’s most iconic landscapes.

Our network of National Nature Reserves provides unique habitats for some of our most endangered wildlife and plant species, helping to protect biodiversity.

From The Lizard in Cornwall to Lindisfarne in Northumbria, the variety, beauty and scientific value of these sites is immense.

We are uniquely placed to secure the future of some of England’s most beautiful and important natural heritage, and we do this while promoting access to the countryside and encouraging open-air recreation for all.

Please help us to continue our vital conservation work by donating today.

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Natural England

SUSSEX East Sussex National Nature Reserves Habitat Recovery

East Sussex National Nature Reserves Habitat Recovery

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Peterborough’s National Nature Reserves

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Restoration of Moccas Hill Wood

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