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Nephrotic Syndrome Trust

Nephrotic Syndrome Trust

South West

Nephrotic Syndrome Trust aims to raise awareness of Nephrotic Syndrome, fund research to find a cure and provide a hub of knowledge and support.

Nephrotic Syndrome Trust (NeST) was launched in 2005 with help of the late Jonah Lomu the international rugby star player who himself was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Currently thousands of people affected by Nephrotic Syndrome,are receiving a mish mash of toxic medication which sometimes works,for a limited period,or not all whilst experiencing very distressing side effects both short and long term. Many are exasperated and exhausted through taking huge amounts of medication which simply does not work, or at the very least just manages the condition. By supporting our charity,you will be enabling world leading researchers at Bristol laboratories to find new effective therapies to treat this rare and debilitating kidney condition.
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Nephrotic Syndrome Trust

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