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New River Baptist Church

New River Baptist Church


New River Baptist Church is a lively, informal and diverse church family.

Our shared aim is to make and be disciples of Jesus in a twenty-first century context in London. We believe that Jesus brings life and we want to share that life together and with our world.
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New River Baptist Church

NRB6 Spanish Night

Spanish Night

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NRBE English Class

English Class

Bridge English Class offers free English classes to those living in London. We also run free Zoom classes online for anyone anywhere to attend.... Read more

NRBF British Futebol

British Futebol

Bridge Football Club (BFC)... Read more

NRBK Kids Club

Kids Club

For help us click in here.... Read more

NRBC New River Baptist Church

New River Baptist Church

NRBC believes that Jesus brings life! By giving to NRBC you are helping us to make and be disciples through our worship, community and mission.... Read more

KSEA01 Your first campaign

Your first campaign

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