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Newham Community Renewal Programme Ltd

Newham Community Renewal Programme Ltd


The Renewal Programme; transforming and empowering individuals for a stronger community in Newham for 50 years.

Newham Renewal Programme Ltd, also known as The Renewal Programme, is a registered charity based in Newham. Working with the community, the local council and businesses and other local charities, we transform and empower individuals for a stronger borough. Founded in 1971 by Reverends Clifford Hill, Ted Finch and Roland Joiner, their shared aim was to inspire marginalised people and communities to sustain themselves independently in the future, an aim which has remained at the heart of the charity ever since. Over the last 50 years, we have continued to support those, in Newham, who are facing multiple challenges; whether they’re a carer who needs wellbeing support, a migrant or refugee without access to public funds, an individual suffering with homelessness or experiencing poverty, a young person without direct access to learning pathways or an elderly person unable to communicate in English. With our support, they can access the services they need in order to overcome those challenges. We are a multi-service charity using a holistic, personal approach to provide Newham residents with the tools and direction to address an array of trials & tribulations. Using advocacy, education, temporary accommodation, positive community activities, experience and a breadth of knowledge & expertise enables us to draw on internal resources to provide individuals with the most tailored support possible.
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Newham Community Renewal Programme Ltd

GOLDRP 50th Appeal

50th Appeal

The Renewal Programme has provided support and vital services to the people of Newham for 50 years. Donate today to help us continue our work.... Read more