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North London Cares

North London Cares


North London Cares is a community network of young professionals and older neighbours, hanging out and helping one in our rapidly changing city.

North London is a place of social extremes. The most connected people in Britain – young professionals working in law, media, PR, fashion – can live next-door to older neighbours with plenty of roots but few connections. That is ultimately corrosive for our society.  Older and younger neighbours have so much to gain from one another – in friendship, wisdom, humour, personality, play and an understanding of local and global changes. Through our activities, North London Cares reduces isolation and loneliness in older neighbours and younger neighbours alike; improves the confidence, wellbeing, resilience and power of our older neighbours; and bridges generational, social, attitudinal and digital divides.

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North London Cares

Fundraising Event Cares Family Summer Gala

Cares Family Summer Gala

This summer we are celebrating six years of shared time, laughter and friendship enjoyed by older and younger neighbours through North London Cares an...

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CARES Make summer special

Make summer special

North London Cares are hoping to raise £6,000 to help give our older neighbours a summer to remember.... Read more