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Oldswinford C E Primary School PTA

Oldswinford C E Primary School PTA

West Midlands

Old Winford CE Primary School PTA

We have a fantastic Parent Teacher Association - even if we do say so ourselves!‚Äč We organise a whole host of events every year for pupils, families and the wider community for both socialising and fundraising purposes. We've raised some pretty impressive amounts of money over the last few years. These have supported a wide range of new initiatives including the Fielders Out of School Club building, IT investment, Forest School, new Maths resources, theatre and educational trips as well as year group learning aid purchases. All Oldswinford C of E Primary School parents and members of staff are automatically members of the PTA. Your views and involvement are welcome no matter how much or how little time you might have to give. Even if you think there is nothing at all you could offer the group, by keeping abreast of what's going on, you may be surprised to find you can get involved on a small or large scale. Like the Facebook page to stay updated and receive all important reminders. Better still, come along to the meetings and find out what it's all about! If you're not on Facebook and would like to find out more you can email us: OCEPS.PTA@outlook.com As a registered charity, parents volunteer to act as trustees and treasurer to oversee PTA affairs and report on an annual basis to The Charity Commission. We welcome any parents interested in taking on such roles to ensure that our PTA continues in the future.

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Oldswinford C E Primary School PTA

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