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One Punch UK United Ltd

One Punch UK United Ltd

North East

One Punch UK (Awareness - Education -Support)

One Punch UK envisions a nation without violence, where social violence is condemned. To raise awareness of the devastation that ONE PUNCH can do. To educate people about the risks and consequences of a split second decision to engage in violence. To harness the knowledge and life experiences of those affected by one-punch violence, to educate others. It helps people make safe choices, to recognise the warning signs of and deal with a potentially violent situation. Develop targeted intervention pathways for the perpetrators of social violence. We will work alongside other agencies who are campaigning against alcohol and drug fuelled violence. We will produce an education package to deliver in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces amongst other areas. We believe that if we start early in schools, educating children about the consequences of one punch, we will make a difference. We will support the victims of one-punch violence, which includes families and friends who have also suffered as a result. Maxine, Kristian’s mam, received very little professional support so this is an important part of the campaign.
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One Punch UK United Ltd

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