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Park Theatre

Park Theatre


Funding Park Theatre to ensure that our building, and the work on stage, is inviting and accessible to all.

We are invested and rooted in our local community. Bringing high calibre drama to our stages and delivering Creative Learning projects with both young and older members of the community, we seek to create a better Finsbury Park for everyone. In everything we do, we aim to be warm and inclusive; a safe, welcoming and wonderful space in which to work, create and visit.

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Park Theatre

Fundraising Event Ian McKellen Live On Stage

Ian McKellen Live On Stage

Ian McKellen first visited Park Theatre when it was still a building site and he has actively championed this vibrant North London venue ever sin...

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Fundraising Event Shakespeare, Tolkien, Others and Ian

Shakespeare, Tolkien, Others and Ian

From here you can bid on Sir Ian's artworks or make a donation

Ian Mc...

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PARK001 Fundraising for Core Costs

Fundraising for Core Costs

We believe that theatre should be accessible and welcoming to everyone.... Read more