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Pause Creating space for change

Pause Creating space for change


We’re a national charity that offers a trauma-informed model of support to women who have had more than one child removed from their care.

Pause’s vision is a society where no family experiences the removal of a child more than once. Our 18-month programme involves a supportive and trusting relationship between women and their Pause Practitioner, which is tailored to each woman’s individual needs, goals and hopes. This approach helps women set strong foundations in place, enabling them to achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their children. The Pause Programme is delivered by Pause Practices, which are partnerships between local authorities or charities and the Pause national team. It is an assertive outreach programme, meaning we go to where women are, rather than expecting them to come to us. Since 2013, over 1,200 women have graduated from the Pause Programme.

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Pause Creating space for change

PAUSE Creating Space for Change

Creating Space for Change

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