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PCC Stow on the Wold (St Edward's Church)

PCC Stow on the Wold (St Edward's Church)

West Midlands

St Edward’s is the historic parish church of Cotswolds market town Stow-on-the-Wold.

St Edward’s Church has been a site of worship for over 1,000 years, holding a central place in the town's history and the story of the English Civil War. Parts of the building date from the thirteenth century. Today’s church is a house of prayer, worship and quiet reflection. St Edward’s has been extended and adapted in most generations to meet the changing needs of its worshippers and community. Although the Covid-19 pandemic currently causes restrictions, in normal times we welcome worshippers and visitors from all over the world. We aim to continue to update the building to meet 21st-Century challenges, passing on this precious gift from our rich past, revitalized and renewed for the future.
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PCC Stow on the Wold (St Edward's Church)

STEDW St Edward’s Church

St Edward’s Church

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