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Peak School PTA

Peak School PTA

North West

Peak School PTA works hard every year fundraising to buy essential equipment for the children.

We are a small Special School in Chinley, found in the North West corner of Derbyshire. We support pupils from ages 2 to 19 years old, covering a large part of the Peak District, from Glossop to Buxton and Chesterfield. We always have big ambitions for our pupils and find new and innovative ways to raise much needed funds, this then provides our pupils with the equipment essential to meet their needs and deservedly enhance their lives.

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Peak School PTA

PEAKPTA Peak School Parent and Teachers association

Peak School Parent and Teachers association

Peak school PTA helps buy essential equipment that makes a real difference to the children.... Read more

PEAKBUS Peak school minibus campaign

Peak school minibus campaign

This year as part of the ‘Peak School Minibus Campaign’ we are hoping to raise £25,000 for a 9-seater minibus.... Read more