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Peckham Platform

Peckham Platform


Peckham Platform’s mission is to lead in the creation of meaningful, impactful and accessible social arts practice – for Peckham and beyond.

“The UK needs more places like Peckham Platform. Their work to support the formalisation of social arts practice and disseminate that nationally is of real value to artists, organisations and communities across the UK.” 
Harriet Harman, Shadow Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport

We believe passionately in the potential and importance of the relationship between communities and contemporary visual art. Since our launch as Peckham Space in 2010, we have worked with some of the sector’s most important artists and with them have built deep engagements with the diverse communities of Peckham.

Our projects have had significant impact on individuals, on artists and have already started to transform practice across the sector.

Our co-commissioning model is unique. It actively engages the diverse communities in our locality through a genuinely collaborative process. For each commission we jointly identify and refine the themes that the artists will address, co-develop a brief, co-select artists and maintain a joint decision making process throughout. Our role is one of facilitation to ensure the community remains active in the commission and to promote engagement right through to the ‘end product’ of exhibition, installation or event.


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Peckham Platform

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