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Pet and Companion (PEACE)

Pet and Companion (PEACE)


Pet and Companion (PEACE) is a charity providing Canine Therapy along with Pastoral Care for people in need of support and companionship, particularly: the elderly; patients receiving end of life care; students and vulnerable women.

PEACE Teams of Pastoral Carers and their therapy dogs visit people in need of support and companionship in Care Homes, on University and College campuses, and in community hubs.  The PEACE dog helps to provide a relaxing environment (the basis of canine therapy), while the Pastoral Carer offers both a listening ear and a means of support, happy to talk through any concerns or fears a person may have (pastoral care). PEACE’s Pastoral Carers are not generally trained counsellors, but they do have experience in advising and helping people through difficult times.

Our aim is to help alleviate the loneliness and isolation experienced by many of those we visit, and thereby improve people’s mental health and general well-being.  Our vision is to have PEACE Teams of pastoral carers and their therapy dogs visiting people in need of support and companionship in Care Homes, hospitals, hospices and University/college campuses all over Scotland.

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Pet and Companion (PEACE)

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