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Phoenix Heroes

Phoenix Heroes


Phoenix Heroes is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) providing PTSD support to veterans and their families around the UK.

Phoenix Heroes has assisted 300 veterans / service personnel, including many families. The experience gained is the basis of its “Life Support” approach: starting with dedicated mental health support for ex-service individuals with PTSD, the ‘Life Support’ package for the individual assists with guiding the person through personal challenges in restoring self-confidence and dignity; assisting the individual with statutory agencies, employment and family matters. Employment opportunities, family outdoor group activities and carp fishing breaks are some of the services that we deliver. We build veteran communities around the UK allowing everyone a chance to belong to one big family again!
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Phoenix Heroes

PHOENIX Supporting Our Veterans

Supporting Our Veterans

Your donation will make a huge difference to our veterans and families around the UK, together we are stronger!... Read more