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Poole Community Radio

Poole Community Radio


Poole Community Radio (Hot Radio) is a not for profit good cause which is entirely run by volunteers.

Hot Radio was set up in 2008, with no shareholding we are a community Asset run by the community for the community. We not only Broadcast using our Community Radio FM Licence to The BCP (Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole) Conurbation but support our current 83 volunteers giving them vital life skills, confidence skills & media skills. as well as supporting many local charities, businesses and organisations. in 2018 we raised over £68,000 for local good causes not including the mounts raised for events such as the Bournemouth Bay Run for which we are media partners for. Hot Radio makes a difference to the community it serves.
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Poole Community Radio

FUND Hot Radio Emergency Funding

Hot Radio Emergency Funding

An Emergency Fund due to cancellations of Advertising, Donations & Sponsorship to keep Hot Radio Functional... Read more

HOME Helping Homeless Veterans Christmas 2019 Campaign

Helping Homeless Veterans Christmas 2019 Campaign

This Christmas Hot Radio are collecting funds to Support Homeless Veterans! Donations will be passed to Helping Homeless Veterans UK to support their ... Read more