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Prism the Gift Fund

Prism the Gift Fund


We deliver programmes aimed at overcoming barriers that people with leave to remain, in the UK face, to becoming independent.

RefuAid was founded in 2015 in an effort to provide a practical response to the barriers facing those who’ve sought asylum in living independent and fulfilling lives in the UK. Our primary focus is to target three key barriers facing refugees trying to restart their lives in the UK: finance and requalification, language tuition and specialist employment advice and experience. RefuAid pays for the travel expenses, course materials and up to 2 exam attempts as well as providing supportive casework to the students. In addition, we provide bespoke career guidance through use of a national network of corporate partners, work placements, mentoring and job opportunities. Our character-based loan scheme offers interest-free loans of up to £10,000, for internationally-trained refugees to pay for UK accreditation and re-qualification, allowing them to return to employment in their prior professional fields. With a 100% repayment rate and applicants gaining employment commensurate with their skills, this is a radical approach with a clear and positive impact.
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Prism the Gift Fund

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