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Redeemer Central

Redeemer Central

Northern Ireland

We are a church community in Belfast seeking to live the way of Jesus as we love and serve our city.

At Redeemer we seek to practice and live the simple way of Jesus together and in our difference we find ourselves united through his radical ethic of love. We see our diversity as reflecting God himself —the 'Imago Dei' — and from this emerges a 'community of different's' — a beautiful picture of a flourishing humanity that looks like Jesus - bringing grace, peace and justice to the world around. Everyone is welcome at Redeemer — whether you are a seeker, doubter, lover or skeptic — and all have a place in our community. The best way to find out more about us is by coming to one of our gatherings. There you will meet people and experience a taste of community life of Redeemer. What began in a living room continued to grow as we gathered in homes, restaurants, music venues and theatres across the city. Many more have joined with us and as the community grows the vision continues to be the same - to live out the story of Jesus in Belfast and seek to love and serve our city. In 2012 we were given the use of a beautiful and historic venue right in the heart of the city at 101 Donegall Street. Every week we gather there for our Sunday Gathering and during the week we gather around tables in homes sharing meals and life together in local expressions of Redeemer we call Tables

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Redeemer Central

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Fast Feast Fundraise

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REDE04 Christmas Offering 2023 - Euro Relief

Christmas Offering 2023 - Euro Relief

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Christmas Offering 2022 Home for Good

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REDE01 Redeemer Central Giving

Redeemer Central Giving

At Redeemer, we want to be a generous church, blessing the people of Belfast, following Jesus, meeting the needs of others and bringing hope to all.... Read more