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Rescuing European Animals in Need

Rescuing European Animals in Need


Founded in 2013, REAN works towards preventing cruelty and suffering of Romanian stray dogs by rescuing and providing a better life for them.

We have so far rescued and re-homed 1,300 stray animals in need. In addition to saving, we also fund spay and neuter for strays and pets of families with low income, in villages around our sanctuaries. We have two sanctuaries in Romania and have over 200 stray dogs in our care at any one time. We rescue dogs from kill shelters and streets and provide them with a safe environment and medical care, in our sanctuaries, until they are re-homed. Our dogs in the UK are in kennels in Dereham, Norwich, Norfolk. Our UK team makes regular visits to Romania to deliver much-needed aid such as medical supplies, dog food, bedding etc. To bring back the dogs who secure homes in the UK.
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Rescuing European Animals in Need

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