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Restore Limited

Restore Limited

South East

Restore is a Oxfordshire mental health charity that supports adults to recover from mental ill-health through a variety of projects.

Each year we support around 900 people with mental ill-health to get back to paid employment and volunteering, and to participate in their community. Restore has six Recovery Groups; Fleet Meadow in Didcot, The Orchard in Banbury, Littlemore Hospital, Elder Stubbs Allotments in Oxford, and the Beehive and Garden Café in Cowley; which offer a unique therapeutic work environment with opportunities to socialise and learn new skills in horticulture, printing, cooking, marketing, woodwork and other crafts. We offer one-to-one Coaching for members to gain and retain employment, start volunteering, or re-enter education. Restore is the lead partner for the Oxfordshire Recovery College which offers an educational approach to recovery through courses. And our accredited Mental Health First Aid Training covers mental health concerns and how best to help somebody in a crisis.
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Restore Limited

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