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Reverse Rett

Reverse Rett


We’re a charity dedicated to changing the lives of children and adults with Rett Syndrome. We believe change is not only possible, it’s within reach.

Reverse Rett exists to bring a cure closer. We fund research & forge connections between scientists, doctors & those affected by Rett to make this goal a reality. Not only do we raise funds for research into treatments & a cure, we connect people whose lives & careers have been affected by Rett Syndrome with a network of researchers, medical professionals & families who understand what living with the condition is really like. In 2007, with the successful reversal of Rett in the lab, we entered a new era for research in which we knew a cure was possible. We are now entering a final era, in which trials are beginning & we are building the clinical capacity to deliver effective treatments.
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Reverse Rett

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