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Rotary Club Frome Charitable Trust

Rotary Club Frome Charitable Trust

South West

Rotary spearheads the fight to end polio and supports many other causes. Our local Clubs concentrate on supporting our local community

Rotary has been here in Frome since 1925, doing good things for the community; also raising funds for causes elsewhere Last year, Rotary in Frome raised £47,000 and this is what we spent it on • £9,000 to 25 Frome families in trouble - for stuff they really needed • £12,000 to 11 different local charities • £7000 for 1200 disadvantaged kids to have a great day out at Longleat (with us!) • £8,000 on Youth Programmes locally We also sent £7000 to disaster relief causes and we had a bit left over which we carried into this year So whatever you give you can be absolutely certain that all of it will be spent on really worthwhile community things.

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Rotary Club Frome Charitable Trust

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