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Rotary Club of Staines

Rotary Club of Staines

South East

Rotarians desire to help our communities by providing help and support.

Rotary Staines works with many local causes, including The Woking Sam Beare Hospice, Shooting Star Chase, Transform, Penrose, Home-Start Spelthorne, Spelthorne Dementia Support and Staines Parochial Charities. Each year we donate dictionaries to the local primary schools; help develop tomorrow’s leaders through our Youth Leadership courses and youth competitions, and many, many more good causes. We put on many events like our Fun Runs, Christmas Parade, Gala Dinner, Tree Planting, Clean Up Campaigns, Health Check Day and many other events.
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Rotary Club of Staines



Staines Rotary are supporting Afghan families who have been evacuated from Afghanistan leaving all their possessions behind. Your donations are needed... Read more

STAINES Staines Rotary Christmas Giving

Staines Rotary Christmas Giving

For some Christmas is a stressful, depressing, lonely time. Staines Rotary provides warmth and comfort through our charity work. You can help us. ... Read more