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Rotary Club of Stevenage Grange Charitable Trust

Rotary Club of Stevenage Grange Charitable Trust


Welcome to the Stevenage Grange’s online charitable giving opportunity supporting those locally in need during these challenging Covid times

We know that our local charities struggle to survive during the pandemic. Prior to the onset of Covid 19 our Charitable Trust typically physically raised and distributed over £11,000 each year to support local and other charities and charitable cause - that is not now possible. So, we are introducing secure online opportunities to help you continue to support our communities in need.

Using the ‘Donate’ and other platforms we will be using cashless collection. We will add QR codes and TEXT payment to our campaigns and donate buttons to our website and social media channels.

So please do look out for our online, Covid secure campaign opportunities, such as Santa’s sleigh at Sainsbury’s, to support our community during these challenging times

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Rotary Club of Stevenage Grange Charitable Trust

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