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Royal Papworth Hospital Charity

Royal Papworth Hospital Charity

South East

Royal Papworth Charity supports Royal Papworth Hospital to provide superior facilities, exceptional patient care and an enhanced patient experience.

Royal Papworth Charity provides vital funding for projects across the hospital, bridging the gap between NHS funding and the reality of providing world leading care in a state-of-the-art cardiothoracic hospital. We provide funding to: • improve the hospital environment • provide state-of-the-art and additional equipment • develop new ways of treating cardiothoracic diseases • support and realise the potential in our hospital’s staff • develop and expand the hospital’s research capability Royal Papworth Hospital treats some of the most life threatening conditions affecting people today and Royal Papworth Charity helps to ensure the hospital can remain at the forefront of heart and lung disease research internationally.

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Royal Papworth Hospital Charity

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