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Safe New Futures

Safe New Futures

South East

Our free programmes adopt a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach combined with vocational training to help people identify and overcome barriers.

Research shows that those who are unemployed are more likely to suffer from poor mental health than those who are employed.

But what if we could change this?

Established 30 years ago, Safe New Futures is a wellbeing intervention offering 6-month online programmes that combine a group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach with practical vocational training. Individuals overcome anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, low confidence and negative thinking to set achievable goals and move into education, employment or training. After completing our programmes, we saw at least 40% move into employment as a result of our support in 2021 despite the pandemic. 84% of people improved in self-esteem, 81% improved in self-motivation, and 75% became less depressed.

“During assessment we were particularly impressed with how the organisation is working with very hard to reach, excluded people. Also that the support is long term and person centered, combining the employment and wellbeing support and achieving strong outcomes in both aspects of the work.” – Assessor from The Henry Smith Charity.

“When I was referred to Safe New Futures, I was super low. I had been to other places that should have helped but didn’t. It was very much a ‘last chance’ in my mind. If this one didn’t work, I would act on my thoughts that I should be dead. I had spent so long being depressed with nothing helping to keep me level. One service said I was too severe whilst another said I wasn’t severe enough. But, by then end of the course, I was sooo much happier. I was able to do things and not be exhausted by all the little things." – Volunteer and Ex-Participant.

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Safe New Futures

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