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SaTH Charity

SaTH Charity

West Midlands

SaTH Charity is a registered charity that makes a real difference to the patients of The Royal Shrewsbury and Princess Royal Hospitals.

SaTh Charity pays for equipment, patient comforts, staff education and research, which go above and beyond the funded services provided by the NHS.
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SaTH Charity


NHS Big Tea

SaTH Charity is urging people in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, and Powys to join the nation’s biggest tea break on 5 July and help raise money for... Read more

CCJC05 Olivia's Card Shop

Olivia's Card Shop

After Olivia's Great Grandad very sadly passed away, she has decided she would like to sell some hand made cards to raise money for our amazing NHS. ... Read more

CCJC02 SaTH Christmas Jumper 2019

SaTH Christmas Jumper 2019

Take part in SaTH Charity Christmas Jumper Day ... Read more

SATH SaTH Covid19 supporting our doctors and nurses

SaTH Covid19 supporting our doctors and nurses

To provide the basics and nice to have things for our doctors, nurses and support staff during the Corona virus pandemic... Read more